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Okay so like the last Scooby Doo series, Mystery Inc, was hilariously witty, remarkably dark, created a sci-fi horror mythos actually explaining why a talking dog exists and why criminals keep dressing up as monsters, and while the character lineart could have been better, it was a pretty beautiful cartoon to look at.

Now the next new Scooby Doo series is being made by some of the same people who worked on Family Guy and fuckin Brickleberry who are bragging about how much more grown up and less “campy” they think their series is going to be and look at those godawful hideous Seth Mcfarlane looking butt scribbes

Cartoon Network I have come to expect so much better

This looks like some GoAnimate shit. :I

Mystery Incorporated was practically a masterpiece, why can’t we have more of that, it had the perfect balance of everything.

Why would they disavow campiness for a Scooby Cartoon? It’s all about campiness!

fucking brickleberry

that character design is fucking terrible holy shit

"grown up and less campy" pls explain what this means bc if it means ~Family Guy Humor~ I’m gonna throw a brick at someone

I spent two full days watching the entire Mystery Inc series because I couldn’t never watch the episodes when they original aired and you can bet I will purposely miss this series because I want better than this for Scooby Doo

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